What is ‘Quiet Quitting’ and why is this a trend?

As we’ve noticed during the pandemic, mental health has become a higher priority in the work-life balance. These shifting ideologies have created a new trend called quiet quitting. Quiet quitting is the mental/personal decision to stop putting in the extra effort at work. A shift in mindset may appear if your employees have checked out […]

Challenges to Managing Remote Supervisors: 3 Actionable Tips

The sudden shift to remote work presents unique challenges to what was once a predominantly in-person workforce. While many pre-pandemic virtual work environments have procedures to run a remote environment effectively, most companies were quickly forced into remote work without proper training or tools. Without face-to-face interaction, businesses continue to experience a lack of supervisor/worker […]

Retaining Your Talent When Everyone Else is Recruiting Them

Company loyalty doesn’t exist like it used to and millennial employees are known for moving jobs relatively quickly. With a tight job market, people are bombarding your employees and getting them to look for a new, flashy and better job. By creating a company culture that embraces the ideal working atmosphere, employees that leave can […]

Creating Loyal Employees: Why this can save you money

When you think about the time spent hiring, training and working through the first year with a new employee, you realize how much money is spent on turnover. When this happens, business owners experience a shift in their thinking when it comes to their loyal employees. Many times loyal employees are the ones that are asking […]

Understand WHY Your Employees Quit

A company that can maintain and continually grow at a constant rate with low to no turnover becomes a highly profitable company. Turnover is one of the highest costs of companies that hire and fire many employees over the course of a year. Reducing that turnover decreases the costs for a company and frees up […]

Using LinkedIn to Generate Sales

Have you ever sat there and wondered why you are on LinkedIn? Everyone told you it was required and that you have to or you wanted to connect with co-workers or potential clients, but you have never really used it past a social media tool. Below are some tips to help you work successfully with […]