Are job boards effective for employment seekers?

Are job boards effective for employment seekers?

Are job boards effective for employment seekers?

Good question! The best answer is “yes” and “no”. This is not a cop-out! It’s true…keep reading! job board


Exposure is key, when you are looking for a job. Posting your resume online gives thousands of companies and hiring managers access to view your information and profile, who wouldn’t normally have access. Many companies still utilize job boards as their only source; however other companies use their job boards as one of many tools in their job search.

While entering your information into a Job Board is important, understanding the whole process can take you to the next level. A successful search is multi-faceted and should be approached with the same vigor and dedication you would execute in a new job. You should never solely rely on a posting or anything else to do all the work for you. If you are not networking, you are missing a critical search tool. Everyone you know and everyone they know should be aware that you are looking for work. People like to work with people they know, like, and feel some sort of connection or commonality between. Networking provides that link.

Targeting your search to your ideal companies or industries can also be a very powerful tool. Apply to those companies directly and tailor your resume to their specific organization and position. An applicant, who is passionate or knowledgeable about an organization and wants to work for them specifically is much more attractive than one who is just looking for a J-O-B  or “anything you have”.


If you are not using job boards correctly, you will not generate your desired results. To generate results, you need to have a strong resume that focuses on keywords that companies and hiring managers use to search for their next employee.

Many job seekers highlight soft skills on a resume or skills that are not measurable or a priority in a job description such as: “Good listener,” “Strong work ethic,” or “Team player”. Try focusing on measurable skills to highlight your resume such as “Exceeded sales goals by 10% quarterly.”

Also, refrain from listing your entire career and instead target the key skills that the hiring manager or the company might be looking for specifically.

Detail orientation should also be a priority in creating your resume and using job boards. Often a resume is the first and last impression you leave on a hiring manager.  The time and attention you put into your resume is an indication of the level of time and attention you will put into your job.

It’s always a good idea to get some professional advice on your resume and have more than one version that speaks to your different skills. Post a resume to the job board that speaks to your strengths and the position you are seeking. If you are not getting a response to your resume posting, continue refining your resume to fit more specifically to the job you are applying for.

Using job boards is a good idea, if you use them with some education as to how to maximize those efforts and employ all your other job search tools. Stay positive and work as hard on your search as you would in your new job!

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