Successful Employee Training

Forty percent of HR leaders admit to not being able to provide adequate training for their employees.  One of the most important tasks as a human resource professional is to provide training to make sure employees are all on a similar skill set level to help the company grow.  You also want them to stay onboard with the company, so taking the time to train them will ensure employee retention.  Here are four forms of training that are cost effective for your company:

1. Mentoring:

Set the employee up with a mentor to get the best training.  This mentor is someone who has already been in his or her shoes and is patient while helping them learn the ropes.  Most likely being a mentor is not in their job description, so I suggest a bonus for having them help with the training of a new employee.

2. Promotion:

This sink or swim method is very effective.  You will have to let them make mistakes so they won’t make them again.  This will also allow you to see how they handle pressure.  If they do well, that employee could be a promising candidate for a promotion in the future.  The promotion strategy of training goes hand in hand with coaching.  With effective coaching, promotions can help employees learn how your company works and how to excel in their job.

3. Coaching:

Coaching is a more relaxed approach to training employees and works as a reward system rather than punishment.  At a typical job, a manager might give negative feedback to an employee that makes a mistake.  For instance, your manager might say “ Why didn’t you get the report in on time?”  Asking a rhetorical question makes you feel bad, so you don’t do it again and is also a form of  “punishment”.  Coaching, on the other hand, is a more positive experience.  The manager using a coaching approach would give you tips on how to improve your performance.  For example, “ Try writing down everything in a weekly planner so you can better organize your time. “  The coaching form of training can be effective if the employee is self-motivated and actually takes the advice they are given.

4. Inter company Transfer:

Cross-training or intercompany transfers is a great way for one employee to gain insight to many positions within the company.  If you see potential in the employee to go further in their career in your company, cross training is a great idea.  They will get to know a little about everything going on in the company.

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