How to make the MOST out of your College Education!

How to make the MOST out of your College Education!

People go to college thinking that their higher level of education will help them secure a job in the future.  In this economy, a degree will no longer make a big difference in securing a job.  How do you make the most out of your college education?  Make sure you follow these tips to make the most out of your college education and keep you out of the unemployment line.


Push yourself!

Normally, you only go through your undergraduate courses once.  Make sure you push yourself to take challenging courses.  Don’t go on and see whom the easiest graders are.  You are paying (or someone is paying) for you to go to college, so make the most of it.  Science and math majors are said to be the best critical thinkers when transitioning into the working environment; these specific majors require the most studying.

Pay attention in English!

Don’t avoid the classes that require more reading and writing.  You will be grateful for the practice in the end.  In a survey polled by the Human Resource Management, half of hiring managers said that college graduates lack basic English skills in grammar and spelling.  A study tracked about 2,000 college students and half took fewer than 5 courses throughout their 4 years that required at least 20 pages of writing in a whole semester.

Question Everything!

Take classes that give you an opportunity to debate.  Every great professor should be open to other perspectives and allow students to engage in debates.  Debating allows you to think on your feet and expands critical thinking skills.  It will be helpful to be able to persuade people to side with your argument.


Take any chance you have to research with peers, professors, or interns.  It will be something that sets you apart from competitors when job searching.  The one thing that holds back many recent college graduates from securing jobs is their lack of real experience.  Future employers want to ensure that you can work in teams, work through a failure or two, and can communicate effectively.

About 9% of recent graduates are unemployed.  Many people believe that you must get a masters degree to truly secure a job in this economy.  In reality, you have to weigh out the pros and cons of paying for another 4-8 years of college or working on the skills I mentioned earlier.  One of the most effective tools that will give you the biggest bang for your buck is fine-tuning your interview skills.  You are a sales person trying to sell yourself at every single interview.   If they like you and you can make them believe that you will better their company, they will most likely look past your lack of experience and hire you.

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