Remember: Happiness is more important than money.

Remember: Happiness is more important than money.

It is important to keep in mind that happiness is more important than money.  Of course, money is essential in order to live in this world, but where do you draw the line when working more hours is affecting your happiness?  Are you considering a promotion or working more hours at work to make more money?  Make sure to consider the following factors before making your decision.


1. Can you handle more stress?

No one likes to be stressed out and a promotion means more responsibility for you.  If you will be more stressed, is it really worth it to jeopardize your happiness for a higher income?

2. Will you be doing work you like?

If you don’t enjoy what you are doing then you won’t be happy.  Your happiness is directly related to your health, so if you want to live a long life make sure you are doing something you love.

3.  Does it help achieve your career goals?

Will working more hours or a promotion help get you where you want to be in five years?  If it’s not on track with your career goal, then highly consider turning down the promotion or not taking the extra side job to earn extra cash.

4.  Who will you need to work with?

If the people you have to work with are completely intolerable, then do you really need to take the promotion to make the extra money?  If you know the people you will have to work with are not people you want to be around or can work with, you should look at other options other than a promotion.

Try re-adjusting your finances to figure out a way to live comfortably without taking a promotion or working extra hours.  Living without the extra stress will be better than making more money.  Weigh-out your options before making a decision. Also, create a spreadsheet of your finances to keep better track of your money.  Your happiness is more important than you may think and your negativity from the stress of extra work will affect you and everyone else around you.

Remember what is most important to you and do the work you need to do, but also spend time with loved ones.  Do what makes you happy and see your life transform.


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