Upbeat Job Report from the U.S. Labor Department

Upbeat Job Report from the U.S. Labor Department

The U.S. Labor Department issued an upbeat job report this week, and another study finds things are looking up in Sacramento. The region had 26,100 online job openings in June, an increase of about 1,200 more jobs than the previous month, according to the data collected from The Conference Board, a global business association.

In Sacramento there are now three unemployed people seeking work for every online job opening. The fugures are up from a few months ago when the area only had 2.5 unemployed for every opening.

In other areas such as San Jose, there are job opening for nearly every unemployed person. In Riverside, there are five unemployed per every job opening.

Overall, California added 31,200 job postings in May, a total of about 550,000 job placement ads. Nationally, 155,900 jobs were added.

The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in June, surpassing the 212,000 jobs Wall Street had originally expected. The unemployment rate for the month of June fell to 6.1%, lower than expexted as in May it stayed at 6.3%. The labor force participation rate, remaines unchanged at 62.8%. 

  • In the professional sector, there were 9,774 ads at an average salary of $36.84.
  • In the sales and office sector, there were 6,611 ads at an average salary of $18.57.
  • Sacramento’s management and business financial industry had 4,321 ads in June at an average hourly wage of $41.12.
  • In the service sector, there were 2,902 ads at an average salary of $14.05.
  • In the construction and maintenance sector, there were 1,876 ads at an average salary of $23.38.
  • In the production and transportation, there were 1,802 ads at an average salary of $16.89.
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