Push to the Next Level with a Mentor

Push to the Next Level with a Mentor



Follow through – When a potential mentor reaches out to you be sure to follow through.  When invited to anything by a mentor don’t think twice. While at first,you being all in might catch your mentor off guard,it will be a lasting impression and communicate that you are serious and worth their time.



Don’t be annoying –Observe and emulate a person you admire in the workplace instead of constantly bothering them for lunch or coffee meetings. When you do finally ask for a meeting, have legitimate questions ready to go. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time.



Trust is key – Someone you can tell it all to. You should feel comfortable sharing goals and mistakes with your mentor. And that means that person must have your best interests in mind. If you aren’t sure about that, RUN!



Be vulnerable – You have to be vulnerable to make the most of a mentor relationship. You have to be open and willing to communicate that you’re seeking a mentor and ready to take that mentor’s advice.



Take the advice— Once you have a mentor who you trust 100 percent, listen to their perspective and take his or her advice. If you find yourself in a tricky situation, reach out to your mentor for encouragement. Although some conversations can be tough to have, they can help prevent mistakes and help you gain respect in the office.


Keep in touch –Once a person shows interest in your professional growth, keep in touch with him or her throughout the years. Write letters or e-mail them, but keep in contact with them because they are pivotal advice-givers in your career and sometimes life.


Always be thankful and open to receiving the information that comes from having a trustworthy mentor.

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