How to Generate Successful Sales on LinkedIn

How to Generate Successful Sales on LinkedIn

successful sales on LinkedInWith so many different ways to use LinkedIn and so many tips, tricks, and suggestions out there, how do you know which way is the best to create successful sales on LinkedIn?

Below we outline a quick and effective way to sell on LinkedIn without annoying or frustrating your connections.

  1. Make sure your profile is accurate

Imagine how you’d feel if you found a restaurant with great reviews online and then you click on their website and it is horrible. What do you do? Do you still go? That is a hard choice. The same thing happens when you market to people on LinkedIn and they look at your profile only to wonder where they went. Update your picture and information to be up-to-date and represent the image you are wanting to project to your LinkedIn prospects.

  1. Connect with relationships

This is perhaps the most important part of being on LinkedIn. When you use canned messages or you respond with less than hearted responses, this makes people feel less important and there is no drive for them to respond. When someone connects with you or when you’re connecting with someone, take the time to write a message to them that is personalized away from the canned LinkedIn connection response.

  1. Organize your connections

When you get someone that accepts your connection request, take the time to use tags and organize your contacts by title, job, etc. as it makes sense for your business. This allows you to quickly send responses or information to a group of people that are good leads for your company.

  1. Create a relationship

Don’t sell your products right out of the gates with a canned email. Take the time to get to know your connections. Send them information that will benefit them directly for free and create a relationship. In the future, they will pay attention to your information because they feel like they are getting something out of the relationship prior to you selling your products to them.


LinkedIn can be used a variety of ways, but making sure you are using it the best way possible for maximum success rates is the most important. This takes you to the next level of marketing and creating a meaningful purchase that might become repetitive or on a referral basis.

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