Waking Up Ready to Start the Day

Waking Up Ready to Start the Day

Some of us think about waking up and dread the thought of starting our day. We continually hit the snooze button and eventually, begrudgingly, get out of bed while our covers beg us for another ten minutes. You start thinking about where to steal time; Do I have to shave today? Can I just pin my hair up?

The morning continues with us feeling dragged down by the grogginess of the morning snooze routine while we beat ourselves up about taking the extra ten minutes. We rush around trying to beat the clock and snap at poor unsuspecting souls who get in our way, like that poor lady behind the coffeehouse counter, or the receptionist that cheerfully bids you a good morning.

The first ten minutes of how we start our day defines us, even for the ones who have no trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Do you spend the first ten minutes grabbing your phone and immediately checking to see what someone posted on social media or what emails came in while we were sleeping? What if that first ten minutes set the stage for what we accomplished the remainder of the day? Would you consider rethinking how you spent it?

  • Remove the cell phone
    Consider taking your cell and placing it across the room or even remove it from the room altogether. Sometimes people have difficulty removing themselves from the phone and stay up much later than they should or find themselves falling asleep with it in their hands. Create a healthy bedtime routine that finds peace and relaxation before you fall asleep instead of staring at a bright little screen. You will wake up feeling rested in the morning and snoozing will become more difficult.
  • Wake up in the groove
    What do you wake up to in the morning? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! While you silently think, “STOP IT!,” in your mind before choosing which button to hit? Choose to set your alarm to music that you enjoy. When you’re in the gym, driving or working out, do you listen to annoying sounds or do you listen to something that motivates you? Why should your wake-up routine be any different? Try switching up your morning song to add pizzazz to your morning and not fall into a “snooze routine.” Either way, let the song play and “feel it” before you turn it off.
  • Drink some water
    Over your sleeping hours, your body has uses quite a bit of water. Re-hydrate with warm water with lemon, if you like, and drink it before you even check your phone or email. Place your body as a priority over what you are going to make it do for the next 10-12 hours.
  • Determine two priorities
    Instead of becoming overwhelmed by everything you have to do that day, find two things you want to accomplish or work on that day and make that a priority. Visualize them being completed. Feel the sensation of them being done. These two things can be anything from an awesome workout to landing a huge whale of a deal.

Want to transform your day and find the success you have been looking for? Start with this routine and add anything to it, to get you excited about the day.

Waking up on the right side of the bed sets the pace for the day and can be the fuel needed to find your success!

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