How Executives Stay Connected on Social Media

How Executives Stay Connected on Social Media

In a growing universe of social media, keeping up with the demands of business can be challenging enough let alone considering maintaining social media. However having a prominent social media page is important to maintaining a positive company image and relating to employees and customers.


Take a second to learn some quick ways you can stay active on social media without all the fuss:


Create a Persona

Blurring the lines between business and personal is always a concerning factor for executives that don’t want to share too much of their personal life. Maintaining an active social media profile doesn’t have to mean you reveal everything you do in your personal or work life. Creating a persona is a great way to determine what level of participation you want to incorporate into your social media profiles.


Be True to Yourself

Be yourself and share the things about yourself that you like. Don’t  be afraid to give your opinion; the people reading your posts want to learn more about you, share their opinions and respond to you.


Be Motivational

What gets you out of bed each morning? What makes you want to be the best executive even on the hard days? Sharing these motivational thoughts and reasons of why you do what you do onto your social media profile.


Maintain Consistency

Make sure you are posting regularly on your social media accounts. Remember that what you post is definitely more meaningful than how often you post, but make sure you are posting regularly enough to create a relationship with your followers.


Watch What You Post

Remember that everything you are posting is going to an online and public forum. Whatever you post has to be consistent with what you would say in a television interview. What you post not only represents you, but your company’s brand as well.


Build Relationships

Make sure you are also responding back to comments on your own posts and even engaging others in their posts. It is important to be interested in your followers as much as you expect them to be interested in you.



Posting on social media can seem to be a chore or task upfront. Maintaining consistency and creating a schedule for postings lets you fall into an easy to maintain routine on a regular basis. Postings will become easier to write over time, allowing you to focus on growing your followers and your business at the same time.

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