How to Prevent a New Hire from “Ghosting” You

How to Prevent a New Hire from “Ghosting” You

When the labor market is in the favor of the job candidate, employers sometimes have issues with new hires. Accountability tends to be a difficult area of responsibility to enforce when job candidates have many opportunities to choose from. By being in the driver’s seat, they make decisions on the fly which may put the hiring company at a disadvantage, even to the point of not showing up for their first day of work because they found a better option at the last minute. Instead of communicating with the current employer, they are simply not showing up and making the company start from the very beginning again. With such a low unemployment rate, even new hires that have accepted a job offer and passed a background check are also not showing up for the first day of work.

Here are some solutions we recommend to avoid having a new hire not show up on the first day of work:

Increase the Communication

This really comes down to developing a relationship with the candidate prior to their first day of work. Make sure you remain in constant communication and do not take all the steps necessary at once, so that you can continue communicating throughout the hiring process.

Develop a Relationship

With increased communication, you can quickly develop a relationship with the new hire prior to their first day. Take interest in what they may be doing and be respectful if they are still working. Caring about what they are going through and preparing them for the first day shows that you care more than just filling the position, which may be why they chose to work for you.

Share the Culture

By having a relationship and constant communication, you are creating an expectation with the new hire as well about your culture. Working in an environment with a great company culture can mean more to a new hire than added money. Establishing that office culture early is important to maintain them long enough to start the position and really learn how awesome your culture is.

Have More than One Contact

We also recommend having more than one contact within your company, if possible. It is great for HR and the new hire’s manager to both be communicating respectively with the new hire prior to their start date. This makes the new hire double think “ghosting” on their first day because they don’t want to let the company or the employees down.

Being proactive in the interview process can also be helpful in anticipating any potential “ghosting”. Ask the candidate what other opportunities the may be entertaining or pursuing or where they may be in the interview process with other opportunities. It may be the opportunity you need to identify what is attractive to them about those positions vs. yours. Ask them where your opportunity ranks. If they are currently employed, ask them what their plan is should they get a counter-offer from their current company. These tactics can help identify the true motivations of the candidate’s job search and where you need to focus your efforts in getting them committed to your company and position.

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