How to Manage Millennials

With the millennial population quickly becoming a large portion of the working population, business owners are quickly changing tactics on effectively enticing and retaining millennials in their companies. With that number increasing over the next five years, companies are putting changes in place now to avoid the scrambling when they will need millennials the most.

Here are some suggestions to make or begin implementing now to have a clear millennial strategy for the future:

Offer and Encourage Technology Advancement: Still using an outdated laptop that takes three to four minutes to boot up? Or maybe using Paint instead of using Adobe Photoshop? These little changes can drive millennials crazy if you are not able to provide the technology they need to go to the next level. Millennials are very tech savvy and encourage companies to make changes in order to improve efficiency and problem solve within the company. Companies slow to adopt these changes or are resistant to the change are likely to frustrated and disappoint a millennial. Their desire is to learn and provide more in their role, not use old programs that bog them down with tiresome and repetitive activities that a new program could make happen in half that time. Moving forward, find a way to move into a fluid thinking and be open to additional product and technology enhancements that could save you money, time and effort in the long run.

Understand a Work-Life Balance: A top requirement for millennials is the ability to maintain their self and work in a codependent and flexible manner. While stability and security are still their top priorities, a competitive compensation and flexibility to travel and learn is also important. Millennials enjoy the opportunity to progress their career and contribute to their community. Having a sense of a life in their work allows for the greatest satisfaction and morale rate with millennials.

Open to Change: Millennials like to invent new ways to do jobs to increase efficiency. Allowing or creating a structure for change in your company is important so that you can respond, review and communicate quickly instead of being handtied by the “red tape.” Millennials express desire, creativity and excitement in making positive and progressive changes in their workplace. Having the ability to respond quickly and with a sense of urgency is helpful.


Overall having a way to communicate and allow millennials to provide thoughtful insight into progressive means of moving to the next level. Providing a way for millennials to communicate and share their ideas in a open environment that encourages progressive thinking will allow millennials to feel engaged and stay with a company longer.

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