Eliminate Work Stress Using 3 Easy Steps

Eliminate Work Stress Using 3 Easy Steps

Trying to close deals towards the end of the year can be stressful. Your potential clients leave on vacation and if you are not catching them at the right time to get a decision or help them out, you are dropping the ball. On top of planning family dinners, buying Christmas presents and coordinating holiday parties, this can come as a HUGE burden. It doesn’t have to be though! Follow these three easy steps to help lead your team and yourself to holiday stress reduction.


Work from the Top Down

Larger clients usually take more time and energy to sell so it’s important to organize your follow ups or holiday greetings to begin with them and keep them high on your priority list. You can follow up with smaller clients, with a lesser demand, thereafter. This strategy allows you to be consistently ensuring you are reaching out to the right sales with the biggest opportunities. If the fourth quarter is not a typical sales time, reach out to larger clients to increase value and secure further opportunities.


Identify Quick Sales

If a lead’s budget ends at the end of the calendar year, they may be needing to push a solution through before their budget is reset. Make sure to prioritize these leads at the top as well, so you can close quickly and efficiently stay within their budget and time frame. If one of these sales are lost, chances are you wont get another chance until next year.


Use Holidays to Sell

A great way to show your personality is to embrace the holidays and use them to reach out to your clients and leads. Hosting an open house or even sending a simple gift, recognition or holiday card is always a great way to say you care and are thinking about them at a time that may be stressful to them, as well.


Closing out the year is important because it also structures the foundation for how the first quarter develop. Making sure you are finishing strong while still being able to manage your sales and clients effectively, is key. Using the steps above, you will be able to lead your team to a strategic and non-stressful success!

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