Who is Hiring Right Now?

With states opening back up and the potential of another resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall, knowing who is hiring now is very beneficial for job security. Companies that laid-off employees at the onset of COVID-19 will begin hiring soon, but may find themselves in the same position again, if we have another spike in COVID-19 cases in the fall.

Continuing to work during pandemics and even economic crises is essential to your financial security. If you are currently seeking employment or want to change careers into an industry with more job security in the coming months, consider these following industries:

Shipping and Delivery
Fulfillment and delivery are two primary job duties from companies such as Amazon and UPS stores. They are hiring during these times because people prefer to shop online and get their items delivered. This points to increased job security over time.

If you have ever worked in mortgage or loan and changed careers, you may want to consider changing back. Some locations are providing remote working capabilities with great benefits and pay to attract new employees. This is a steady choice if you are looking to have an office or desk job.

Companies in architecture, engineering, home building, pool construction, landscape/backyard, flooring, and electrical are still hiring right now and continued to work throughout COVID-19. Since the majority of construction is outside, social distancing was natural, and pay is attractive right now with this hot industry.

Human Resources
With the onset of COVID-19, Human Resources departments discovered that many were understaffed and needed assistance. This is a viable career with great benefits and also maintains social distancing. Previous knowledge will help you land a Director position, but there are other level positions available as well.

Your first step in securing a job in a new industry or even switching companies, but maintaining the same industry career would be to send your resume. River City Staffing is working with many companies in these industries and would be happy to send out your resume! Need someone to review your resume first, we can do that, too. We are here to help in any way we can.


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