Strategic Staffing: How to Rehire Smartly, Effectively, and Non-Permanently

Strategic Staffing: How to Rehire Smartly, Effectively, and Non-Permanently

In response to opening back up our state, COVID-19 is continuing to increase in cases confirmed. This increase could bring another lockdown in the fall or impact returning to work in physical offices.

Companies are struggling to figure out how to recover after furloughing or laying off a vast majority of their employees.

Know your options: Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing: A way to hire back a part of your workforce to handle specific projects or jobs for a set period without hefty fees.

If you are experiencing any of these concerns, we recommend looking into our cost-effective strategic staffing solutions to eliminate these issues:

  • Need for part-time workers or project-based workers only, and not full-time employees
  • Concern over hiring employees and whether they will work out long term
  • Not wanting to pay unemployment in the event of a layoff or furlough
  • Having to layoff employees again
  • Retain employees by bringing them back when you need them
  • Limited response of qualified candidates

The list goes on and on, with companies leaning heavily on existing employees and pushing them past their capacity.

Strategic staffing eliminates these issues and concerns.

With project-based, full time or even part-time employees, you do not have to pay a hefty placement fee and instead have a set hourly rate. River City Staffing maintains the employee’s benefits and even unemployment, once the project or set timeline is over. If you need the employee longer, then keep them longer with no added costs. You can even decide to hire the employee down the road if it makes sense for you and your company.

Give us a call to discuss strategic staffing now! We are excited to showcase this option with you, to make hiring during COVID-19 and beyond easier for you and your company.


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