Using Social Media to Land a Job during COVID-19

Using Social Media to Land a Job during COVID-19

Now more than ever, you need to be networking, but not in the traditional sense of networking face-to-face (obviously). Using your social media platform is increasingly important, especially if you are looking to land a job now in the middle of COVID-19. While many companies are still hiring, the process has slowed to a crawl. Hiring managers are trying to figure out meeting schedules, online virtual platforms, and how to manage a new team remotely.

Don’t get discouraged!

The idea right now is to use the online tools and resources to get in front of as many people as possible. LinkedIn is the best place to start, and here is how you should be using it:

Connect with the RIGHT person

Connect with the hiring manager or anyone in the human resources department of the company you are considering. Here you can get directly in front of the person you need to contact. Be empathetic with this person, as they probably have a lot on their plate now with COVID-19. Speaking to their limited availability and asking how they are doing can show you care during this difficult time.

Update Your Profile

Since it may take a bit of time to receive a callback or connection, take the time to update your profile. Find a way to sell yourself while building the rapport you need in your profile to show your personality. Don’t just list all of your attributes; take the time to write out what makes you a great candidate to hire.

Continue Communicating

Communicating via phone and email can become overwhelming, especially if the hiring manager is receiving communication from every applicant. Use LinkedIn to communicate using status updates, writing articles, and posting in groups. 

Join Relevant Groups

Groups on LinkedIn can be very beneficial. Once a hiring manager receives the green light to hire, they may be researching candidates on multiple platforms and hiring quickly. You want to be in these groups and maintaining an active voice. If a hiring manager has seen your name before, they will be more likely to recognize you, even subconsciously, when your resume comes in. 

If you are going to use LinkedIn, make sure you are maintaining your presence. Check your email and login to LinkedIn regularly. Spend at least 1-2 hours per week using LinkedIn to see a benefit. Spend more time if you want to create an impact. 

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