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Long gone are the days when your resume was your golden ticket to getting a job. That doesn’t mean a resume should be hastily thrown together to simply check a box. In fact, a thoughtful and polished resume can be a vital tool for differentiating yourself from the competition. However, when an employer is looking at two similar candidates with comparable skills and experience, their final decision will not be based on their resumes. Now, more than ever, companies are looking beyond the resume and hiring based on how a candidate specifically fits their needs and connects with their team.

Show Your Value

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to reiterate there is a competitive advantage to having a good resume. When you’re applying for a job with dozens or even hundreds of other candidates, getting your resume into the proverbial “yes” pile is not accomplished by having a poorly crafted, underdeveloped resume. Your resume is your first opportunity to shine!

Rather than just stating the facts, use your resume to convey how you will add value to a prospective employer’s team and improve their company. For example, if the requirements for a job are a bachelor’s degree and five years experience in public relations, every resume considered will have those qualifications. Expand on your accomplishments and specifically showcase how your skills and experience directly meet the employer’s needs. Think of each bullet point on your resume as your chance to quantify your value and distinguish yourself from the competition.

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Visualize Yourself As Part of the Team

Congratulations! Your resume passed the initial test and now it’s time for the first interview. Whether it’s virtual or in-person, the interview is where you ultimately prove you are the best person for the job. In order to convince the employer they’d be crazy not to hire you, you’ll first need to convince yourself. By researching the company, identifying their competition, and talking with past and current employees, you will learn what the employer prioritizes and values. Find specific areas within your experience and skillset where you can meet the company’s needs or offer solutions. Visualize yourself as part of the team. The confidence you will gain through this process will show when you sit down for your interview. Instead of “selling yourself,” you will be using the information you’ve learned to ask the right questions and position yourself as a valuable asset to the company.


Make a Human Connection

When the interviews are all said and done, the resumes are pushed aside, and an employer is making their final decision, they will immediately think about who stood out the most. Who did they connect with? Who would be the best fit for the team? Who communicated clearly and effectively? Don’t underestimate how your communication skills and ability to connect on a relational level can distinguish you from the other candidates. Be authentic and genuine. You are so much more than your resume.


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