How to Prepare for Workplace Violence Prevention Training in CA

Introduction Workplace violence is a serious issue that can affect any business, regardless of size or industry. With the deadline fast approaching for California’s new workplace violence prevention training requirements, HR professionals and small business owners need to ensure their businesses are compliant. This blog post will provide an overview of the requirements, offer practical […]

Promoting at the Right Time Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Promotions are fun and promoting internally can have some positive effects on the office including boosting morale, fulfilling employee progressive movement and instilling hope for success within the company’s employees. Everyone loves to see fellow employees be promoted, however promoting the right employees at the wrong time can be costly for a company.   Let’s […]

Managers: Increase Productivity with Your Employees

Increase productivity on all levels in any workplace to get the maximum results while keeping your employees happy and motivated. Here are some tips to enhance productivity within your office: Meetings Long meetings can leave employees feeling drained and a calendar full of meetings can become a barrier to productivity. Not only do meetings take […]

Smart Managers Never Make the Same Mistake Twice

Admitting you made a mistake can be hard because it can feel like you’re attacking your self worth, but fully acknowledging your mistakes and errors is the only way to avoid repeating them and becoming a better boss for your staff. Changing your perspective about mistakes can change them from an error, to a great […]

How to Hire the Right Candidate Quickly in a Tight Market

In a tight job market, hiring the right employees is even more difficult than in past years. Candidates are seemingly looking for significant raises, getting multiple job offers, and looking to move forward at a rate that may be faster than you planned. On top of having fewer and fewer candidates to choose from, companies […]

Waking Up Ready to Start the Day

Some of us think about waking up and dread the thought of starting our day. We continually hit the snooze button and eventually, begrudgingly, get out of bed while our covers beg us for another ten minutes. You start thinking about where to steal time; Do I have to shave today? Can I just pin […]