Why Didn’t I Get Hired?

Why you didn’t get hired.


You got the interview and thought it went well, but you didn’t get the job.  The news that you didn’t get the job can leave someone confused and devastated.  You go through all the steps you took and try to remember what was said in the interview that could have hindered you in any way.  There are so many reasons you weren’t hired for a job.  Some reasons are out of your control and some are easy fixes.


Everyone has Biases

You have to remember that everyone is human and have his or her own biases, even the interviewer.  You might have done everything perfectly but it could have been as simple as them not liking you because you reminded them of someone they dislike.  This is something you can’t do a lot about, but if you don’t click with the culture of that company then maybe it’s better you didn’t get the job anyways.

Concentrate on how you can help them

Some reasons you may have not been offered a job after an interview are fixable.  Did you do all of the talking during the interview?  This can be a major turn-off to hiring managers because they want to see that you can listen too.  An easy fix is to be more conscientious of how much you are talking.  Another reason may be that you concentrated on how the company can help you.  Of course you want the job to help you advance in your professional experience, but they are more concerned about how you can help them.

Don’t be Negative

If you are talking poorly about a previous employer they will see that as you being a negative person.  You don’t have to lie and say everything there was great, but don’t bad-mouth them because they will think you will cause drama in the workplace and do the same to co-workers.

Social Media

Potential employers WILL look you up through Google and find any social media sites you have.  Your social media presence could immediately eliminate you from their pool of possible employees.  They are not only trying to dig up the dirt on you but also find out what kind of person you truly are to ensure them that you will be a great hire.  Are you partying in your pictures or helping out a charity?

Job Hopping Hurts

If you have had a job for six months and then another job for five months and so on, potential employers will see that as a point against you.  They want to see that you kept a job for longer then a year and were passionate about what you did.  A fix to this takes time; however, consider volunteering for over a year!


submit resumeContact River City Staffing Group, Inc. and we will put you through a mock interview and provide feedback!  It is frustrating not knowing why you didn’t get a job and we can provide you with objective feedback that will help you land that job.

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