How to make a difference in 2020

How to make a difference in 2020

make a differenceThis last Saturday, October 24th, was National Make a Difference Day, and River City Staffing is excited to encourage community involvement from now until the remainder of the year to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our community.

2020 has been a year of stress, unrest, and anxiety; River City Staffing is determined to immediately make a difference. From the onset of COVID-19, employees at River City Staffing have focused internally on supporting each other, their clients, and their candidates.

By remaining open and rehiring many of their employees, River City Staffing was making sure to take care of their family. While this was a massive relief to everyone in the River City Staffing family, we wanted to reach out to the community and unite in a shared mission to improve others’ lives.

Internally, our owner, Cindy Bunker, has personally become involved in autism awareness non-profits such as Autism Speaks. She has continued to share the awareness of Autism and participated in events and fundraising activities.

Our employees continue to volunteer in the community and provide resources to people applying for positions, and worked hard to fill essential positions needed promptly.

Here are some fantastic ways to get involved:

  • Volunteer in your community
  • Become a youth mentor or volunteer to help with homework via Zoom or through your library
  • Donate to a charity
  • Say a kind word to a person that is struggling
  • Make a craft and give it to someone
  • Help a neighbor with their yardwork

Some volunteer ideas include:

Some donation ideas include:

You can still get involved by donating to a local organization of your choice!

If you are getting involved, let us know!! Thank you for getting involved!


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