How to Not Hire the Wrong Person

How to Not Hire the Wrong Person

How do you know if your next hire has these values from a one-hour interview? 

Retention, efficiency, motivation, teamwork, and a well-rounded employee–all the values we want in the next hire.


The key is to use successful interviewing tactics to avoid hiring the wrong person.


Start by identifying which factors, responsibilities, or credentials are most relevant and then keep track of each candidate’s responses. Candidates will most likely have the majority of the skills you want, but probably not all the skills. By identifying which ones are most important, you can generate questions to determine their strength in each area. 


Put together your questions before the interview and make sure you delegate to everyone asking questions ensuring that no one asks the same question twice. 

You should also consider working with a staffing company to help eliminate many factors that can cause you to make an emotional or incorrect decision. Think of it as a safety net; if you don’t like the person you hire, you can contact the staffing company and facilitate a new hire. You can choose to work with a temporary to permanent placement to avoid hiring the wrong person.


Lastly, do not rely on just the job interview. Including relevant testing, such as aptitude tests may help determine the true capabilities of your candidates. 


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