Seize the Day & Your Dream Job

Seize the Day & Your Dream Job

The time is opportune to reach for your dream job. If you are looking to take on a new role, rise in the ranks, increase your salary, or all of the above, this is your year! Jobs are abundant, wages are growing, and unemployment is low.

Ready to make a significant change but afraid of the risks? Let’s limit those risks.


  • Make a list of the specific things you dislike about your current job. Go one step further and notate what would remedy this problem. This is an important task, even if you have recruiters reaching out to you. You want to land at a place that is a dream.
  • Make a list of the responsibilities you want to have and what you want to achieve at your dream job. Include anything you are missing at your current job if it wasn’t already covered when you made a list of things you dislike about your current job.
  • Be strategic – Speak w a career coach, compensation consultant, or staffing agency who can advise you on this new endeavor.
  • Invest an hour a day in finding and landing your dream job. Update your resume, search for available jobs, research companies, submit applications and have a successful interview. Don’t make a job out of job searching. You’ll exhaust yourself and take the next job you can just to end the process, thus defeating the point.
  • Consider all your options. If you are unsure of your new dream, think about taking a temporary position to help solidify your new direction.

Do your Research

Before putting in your resignation, prepare yourself to enter the job market by researching the hiring climate in your desired industry and region. What opportunities are out there, and what companies do you want to work for?

Look at people in your desired role and industry that deal with a similar customer or product. If you can check all the same boxes, you have leverage. Know your worth.

Assess whether you have leverage at your current job. Be prepared to respond to an attempt to keep you at your current company. If you made your lists, then you have the answers.



  • Just jump at the first opportunity you see on LinkedIn or indeed. Take the time you need to find your dream job properly.
  • Don’t settle for a lateral move with a 10% increase.
  • Don’t walk into a company with the attitude of “why should I work here?” This attitude will land you at a job that will be anything but your dream. Instead, focus on what you can bring to the table of this new company.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity for growth within your current company. Let’s say you are happy there but aspire to get better compensation. Or maybe you are in a temp-hire role and would like to become permanent. Are there openings within the company that would move you up or to an entirely new role? Request a “stay conversation” and discuss your options within the company while highlighting your personal successes.

Network. Network. Network.

No matter how red hot the job market is, you are more likely to get hired through networking connections than the traditional application process. Call a former colleague to catch up and casually mention that you are job hunting. Attend a job fair and make a new connection with a recruiter. Start working with a career coach or staffing agency to broaden your network.

Let River City Staffing help you get started on your journey. With a wide range of positions available, from entry-level to senior executive, we will focus on you and your needs to find you your Dream job.

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