Avoid These Two Resume Words

As a staffing agency, we read through over 100+ resumes each week for candidates. While reading resumes are one of our main jobs, many other companies are not so lucky. These employees wear multiple hats, such as Human Resources, assistants, and directors, while also acting as hiring managers.  To maximize the time they spend with […]

What is required to be on my resume?

When designing your resume, people usually have a generic or template resume to start. Once you identify the job you want, you build off that template resume to fit the specific position you are applying for. In this article, we will address what requirements should be on your template resume and how to adjust particular […]

10 Words to NEVER Use in a Resume

Getting your best attributes across on a resume can be a difficult task. Some make the mistake of complimenting themselves in their resume or LinkedIn profile, not understanding that they are conveying fear rather than confidence, using words that they believe will catch the attention of employers, like “motivated self-starter.” Everyone wants to give reasons […]

5 Tips to Avoid Common Resume Mistakes

  Putting together a resume can be a real challenge at times.  It can be difficult to figure out what information to us, what to leave off, and as most relevant for the position you are applying for.  The easiest way to start is by making a list of the things you could include on […]

Resume Phrases to Avoid

Job seekers use common resume phrases which are intended to make their resume rise above the rest. However, these over-used and all too common phrases are having the exact opposite effect for many of them. Some common phrases are: Team Player Result-Driven Excellent Leadership Skills Great Organizational Skills Works Well with Others Self-Starter Ability to […]