How to Feel Calm & Nail Your Job Interview

We all know those pre-interview jitters and while these are considered “normal” they can get in the way of projecting a centered and calm feeling during an interview. Having the ability to put the interviewer at ease throughout the interview process is a great way of securing your spot in their office, but how do […]

Eliminate Work Stress Using 3 Easy Steps

Trying to close deals towards the end of the year can be stressful. Your potential clients leave on vacation and if you are not catching them at the right time to get a decision or help them out, you are dropping the ball. On top of planning family dinners, buying Christmas presents and coordinating holiday […]

Job Searches in 2020: What’s Changed?

Job searches used to consist of finding a job on one of the major job search engines and applying for the job by sending in your resume. While many people still apply for jobs that way, they are failing to be noticed. So how do you get noticed in a job market that has many […]

Using LinkedIn to Generate Sales

Have you ever sat there and wondered why you are on LinkedIn? Everyone told you it was required and that you have to or you wanted to connect with co-workers or potential clients, but you have never really used it past a social media tool. Below are some tips to help you work successfully with […]

What we learned from Next Economy

Next Economy is a local nonprofit that focuses on increasing and enhancing the region’s five-year jobs plan. Although the entirety of Next Economy’s vision has been described as too vast and overambitious, the initial findings and implementation of its ideas really created the groundwork for many projects to begin flourishing. Farm-to-fork, career technical education programs […]

Resume Phrases to Avoid

Job seekers use common resume phrases which are intended to make their resume rise above the rest. However, these over-used and all too common phrases are having the exact opposite effect for many of them. Some common phrases are: Team Player Result-Driven Excellent Leadership Skills Great Organizational Skills Works Well with Others Self-Starter Ability to […]