What questions should I ask in an interview?

When preparing for an interview, you have many focuses, including researching the company, the person interviewing you, etc. Sometimes you are so prepared to answer the questions that you forget to prepare the questions YOU want to ask. That is right; you should be asking questions, too. There are two key reasons to ask questions in […]

Sound Like a Confident Professional with 4 Easy Steps

Most people do not enjoy listening to a recording of their own voice, but doing so can be helpful for understanding how your audience hears your message. You may LOOK like a confident professional and your message might have an excellent point, but if you don’t sound confident, whatever you have to say may be […]

Ways To Destress and Work Less During the Week

According to a study done by Stanford, productivity per hour drops off so much when a work week exceeds 50 hours that there’s no point in working past that threshold. Employees should use their weekend to help create a better work week ahead, which will help destress and relax during the week. There are several […]

Picking the Best Candidate

By the time you are interviewing applicants, you have shortened your applicant pool down to the people that look the most qualified. Now that you have created a smaller pool of very talented individuals, you are simply looking for the one that is the best fit, but how do you know? The idea that only […]

Seven Habits of Successful Salespeople

Everyone wants to get their ideas out there and accepted by the masses. We are constantly selling the ideas we dream up. Being able to influence the thought processes of those around us is a key part of selling and those who do these seven steps well, sell better than most. These successful salespeople seem to […]